Friday, February 25, 2011

Zip it!

Recently my husband discovered a new tool. It's one that does a really dirty job. A job that I cannot bear to bring myself to do. Cleaning the hair out of the drain. Barf!

Meet the Zip-it.

There a only really a couple of things that give me the heebie jeebies. Wet, random hairs are one of them. Wet, clumpy, random hairs are worse. I'm fully aware that most of them in the drain are mine, but it still freaks me out that they could be from someone the people that lived here before us (whom I know and were clean, nice people). It's not rational, I know, but it's not something that I will ever be able to overcome. This I know.

So now the job is easier....for him. No breaking out the screwdriver. No snaking the drain. Just shove this little guy down your tubes and voila. Out comes the hair. Barf. again.

Check out this video I found on how it works.

(I'm really sorry I made you see that. BARF!)


Natalie said...

I didn't watch the video. I can see the still picture at the end. Even that made me gag. Gross! But congratulations to Ben on his new tool.

HappyHomemakerUK said...

Aww - that is so gross! So fun to have stumbled upon your blog though