Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Thrify Plea

I love the thrill of a hunt for classic furniture especially when it's a good deal, so of course when I can, I turn to thrifting as the answer to my prayers. These days I've been holding vigil for a very much coveted piece of Campaign furniture - a dresser more specifically. I want to use it in our back extra bedroom that we are converting into sort of an extra guest bedroom/sitting room/creative space for sewing and such. I'm having difficulty with everything we want for the space and I could really use something as my jumping off point. When I began my search, I was not in a hurry and had much patience, waiting for just the right piece, but lately I'm feeling beaten up and broken down, as it seems that I am never going to find it!

I shouldn't say never, since I did score this piece at the ReStore....
I have intentions to paint it a crisp clean white. But I fear the laminate surface won't turn out the way I'd like. Really it's my back up plan, just in case I never find what I really want.

I'm not picky as to the condition of the piece that I'm look for and am ready and able to give it some elbow grease, as long as it is of the dresser type.

Long and lean like this one would be perfect.....

... but short and squat would also do.

I do prefer natural wood to painted, but am open to considering all options as long as the hardware is brass (but not necessarily in pristine condition...remember the elbow grease!).

I'm a slave to Craigslist. Everyday I loyally sift through other people's junk, hoping that someone's old bedroom furniture will answer my thrifting prayers, but I'm beginning to become disheartened, having only one possibility in the past three months....and someone beat me to it!

My patience is growing thin I fear, so I've decided on another approach. Obviously I'm getting desperate, but please be with me loyal blog readers while I pray to the almighty Thrift Gods above! Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

A Thrifty Prayer

So here I am dear Thrift Gods,
succumbing to your ways;
Please make my hopeless Campaign search,

be limited in days.

I have given you kind Thrift Gods,
every little piece of my heart;
For you are mine in used furniture,
till death us do part.

Pretty please my loving Thrift Gods,
show me the light;
Present to me my dream dresser,
and end my long, hard fight!

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Natalie said...

I hope you find it- sifting through craigslist can be tedious and annoying. The payoff can be great though, so keep at it.