Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rub a dub dub

Hello! I'm back in action after a quick weekend away. Now that we're back living on the east coast, it's nice to be closer to family. What isn't so nice though is the forever loooooong car ride it takes to get there. I suppose we could fly, but we're pinching our pennies these days. And a certain little 4-legged someone also loves to visit the countryside of PA, so driving allows her to come along.

Silly me! I forgot to take along my trusty Nikon D90 for optimal shots of the nieces and nephews, but I did at least have the point and shoot in my purse. Here are some shots from one of the highlights of the visit. Bathtime!

It started with just this one. Lewis and his dad, Mo. (Luckily only Lewis was in the tub!)

But when oldest cousin Isaiah got word that the tub was warmed up, he wanted in too!

Pretty soon, his sister Chloe got in on the action.

And then cousin Addie joined in on the fun too. (These 3 are inseparable.)

By this time Lewis had gotten out and was well on his way to bed. Then bath time turned into a body wash & shampoo assembly line with Annie and I performing the dirty work!

The only one who didn't take a dip in the water was Joel. Poor little guy. This bath would have probably been a bit too much for his not even 3 months of life! Maybe next visit!

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