Thursday, March 24, 2011

Special delivery

My girl Frida has finally arrived, all the way from Spain. Now there's the quest of finding a frame for her. She's a strange size. 8.5 x 11". I suppose it's not that strage, the size of a piece of paper, but most frames are 8 x 10". I know I could just trim her down, but she is made with a nice white border all the way around her so I'd like to leave her as is. Any suggestions that won't cost me an arm & a leg.....or a foot? (There's a great quote at the bottom of the print - "Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly?")

Moving on.

I've been pulling together some fun little pieces of art for the gallery display in the bathroom. You know, little things we've got laying around mixed with some new, fun, inexpensive art. I've been a big fan of Amanda Stone Talley's work for a while now, so when I saw that she has created some fabrics I thought it may be an affordable way for me to have a piece of her work. I sent a note over to her asking for some samples of the fabrics, hoping that one would work for our kitchen cafe curtains. When they arrived though, the color for the kitchen wasn't quite what I had hoped. What did catch my eye though was one of the other samples that pulls together all the colors I hope to incorporate into the bathroom.

(the 1st and 2nd from the top)
So I'm thinking that I'll just frame up my little sample and add it to the collection. And finally, what would a great gallery wall be without a simple sketch? Strolling thorough Slate Interiors a while back, I noticed a simple line painting of a dog's head. I loved it, but the price tag was over my budget.

It seems simple enough to recreate though. I'm going to channel my inner artist and try my hand at this puppy dog profile, tweaked just a bit to resemble my girl.

The gallery wall is coming together slowly but surely. (We're in no hurry - the bathroom is way down on the list, but I like to plan ahead). What's not coming together is the paint color. Despite bringing home samples, my Sherwin Williams color match to Benjamin Moore's Calypso Blue is looking a bit too green. I took it back and had them add a few drops of blue, but it's still not matching up. I guess I'll be paying my friends at the neighborhood SW another visit.

The current scary state of our bathroom

Nothing is ever easy at this house, is it?

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