Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've said it before...

...and I'll say it again. It's a small world after all!

I've had some crazy encounters in my life, but lately I seem to be magnet for "running" into people. Let me share with you a couple of little stories that explain what I'm talking about.

Way back when we were in Xela, Guatemala we decided to join a coffee co-op for a weekend field trip to a real coffee farm. After an hour of searching for the office where we were to purchase the tickets, we finally found the place. As I rounded the corner to enter the room, I heard a voice that I knew I recognized, but how could I? We were strangers in an rarely heard of Guatemalan town. Turns out the girl leading the tour had a friend (who was visiting her at work) that was from Denver and she used to work at a camp that I spent a couple of weeks at while interning at Children's Hospital. Random meeting half a world away.

Then a couple of months ago while running some errands at a Charlotte shopping center, I pass by a woman that looks oddly familiar to me. Before I could even filter myself, I blurted out "Are you Kay's sister?" as we were passing. Guess what? She was! (Kay was a member of one of my vision teams.) And that's how I ran into former Common Hope long term volunteer, Sally (who didn't work there when I did, but did visit us on a vision team - hence I recognized her face). In a city where I really honestly knew no one, how did that happen?

But the strangest "meeting" yet has just happened last weekend. While taking a break from the house work, I sat down to check my email and was floored to come across a message in my inbox from a blog reader in Oxford. Even more mind blowing than the thought of having a reader from way far away was reading that he is going to be living in our house in Guatemala! RANDOM! And guess how he found this blog? By googling our Guatemalan address! (Hi Deekpak!) So of course I replied to his email completely excited to share with him as many tips about the house and Antigua as I could, and with all the reminiscing both Ben and I got a little sappy for our "old" life back in Antigua.

Now I know a lot of you have around here for a while and know all about that part of our lives, but just for fun (and because it's my blog) I'm going to do a photo walk down memory lane. What can I say? I'm a sap......and I'll take any chance I get to show the world my photos of the most beautiful country with the most amazing people in all of this world. (A grand exaggeration maybe, but we really do love that country!)

(And if you're not feeling sentimental like me, just move along and we'll see you back for more renovation news later this week.)

First there was the house that started it all.
We put a lot of TLC into that place and we still love and miss it everyday!
...and of course the volcano view from the balcony. ...and all the great memories we have of relaxing up there. ....lazy weekend afternoons, napping with our girl. ...and that dreaded kitchen that came alive with the curtains I sewed (& then created the perfect hiding place for a little one!)

But not all our best memories were at the house.
We were over the moon about the town we lived in too.

We spent so many great mornings & late afternoons, sitting around the fountain in the park.
....and evenings gazing at the Cathedral while enjoying a tres leches. Yum!

.....and walks through Pila Park.

.....and our friends! All of our amazing and wonderful friends!
(Sorry if you're not pictured here).

And certainly we miss some of the perks.....
like the market...... .....the genuinely kind people .....and all the gorgeous textiles! .....and the best & freshest coffee we've ever had!
(PS. That's freshly picked coffee berries)

Ahhhhhh! We lived the life.

We've said it before and we'll say it again.......
We'll be back Guatemala! We're yours forever!

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