Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello Goodbye

Do you remember when we first said goodbye to Colorado in March of 2009?

Then a year and half later in August of 2010 when we said hello again old friend?

And then quickly said another sad goodbye only a month later?

Well we're about to reunite with our old friend, Colorful Colorado once again.

We leave for a visit today! With the temps in North Carolina in the 98 degree range with the heat index soaring around 105, we cannot wait to breathe in that fresh mountain air. Now let's just hope we can easily readjust to the altitude!


Natalie said...

Have fun!  I'm looking forward to pictures.  Would you believe I haven't been back to CO since our graduation?!

Julie Cofield said...

Funny that you are leaving when it has finally cooled off here, if not briefly!