Monday, July 11, 2011

Roadtrippin' in style

You'd have to be blind to not know that we are mad about road trips around here, especially with tricked out campers. We love our Dewey to death even despite some of his pesky flaws (like a zipper that has jumped the track and refuses to close), but if we ever had a chance to hit the road again I'd love to do it in one of these.

Meet Caravanolic

With the help of Viceversa Interiorismo they have made my camping dreams come true. Born just 1 year ago, this duo is redefining the world of camping. No longer do girls like me have to eat Ramen over a camp stove under a blue tarp canopy. Instead I could cook up a real meal in style - all while allowing the sweet husband to have the camping experience he "needs" to have!

Isn't it amazing? If we took one of these babies on our next road trip to Guatemala we wouldn't even have to find a house to live in when we got there! And it really isn't even that far fetched since Ben has always said that he would love to own an Airstream one day...... Even if I can't win him over on a Caravanolic, this wouldn't be so bad either.

Oh boy. I think I hear the open road calling us again!

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Natalie said...

I do not camp.  It's a hard and fast rule of mine.  But I'd go "camping" in one of those any day.  Beautiful.