Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guatemalan Girlfriends

The girls are back! My girls are back in town! Yipee!

Remember our new 'old friends' Mario & Kim and their daughters Lilian & Megan? The ones who threw me the killer birthday surprise party? Well, it seems that they just couldn't live without Tíos Ben & Krista in their lives, so they've followed us to Antigua! Just kidding! The truth is that Mario was scheduled to come down for work and since Mexico is still in "swine flu precaution mode" & the girls have been out of school for 3 weeks, they decided to tag along....and boy and I'm glad! (I was getting a little bored walking around town by myself.) Since I don't start my job until Monday, it was perfect timing! We've been just chilling out the way girls do it, doing hair, taking walks, resting in parks, shopping a bit (only a teeny bit - that's the truth), & stopping for afternoon pick-me-up dessert snacks!

Megs was in awe of the music we heard in a very romantic Thai restaurant

Lily investigating the flowers in the park

Private Eye Megan

Lilian & her lupa

we had a lunch date with Ronnie

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