Monday, May 11, 2009

Yes Doctor

Here's a shout out to my younger brother Ryan who graduated from his Physical Therapy program over the weekend. He can now proudly call himself Dr. Finotti (that's a Dr. of PT). While for me, my brother as a Dr. could possibly be the scariest thing that has ever entered my mind, I suppose that it will come in hand to have someone in the family who can treat the aches and pains of my aging body!

Congratulations Dr. Finotti!!
(& yes girls, he's single!)

He'll be busy this summer studying for his boards, but I'm hoping that he can find some time to come down to Guatemala and study Spanish for a few weeks. Wouldn't that just be the best resume builder - a bilingual PT!

Now all we need is for our cousin (who is training to be an OT) to graduate and the 3 of us could open our own therapy center. Maybe not such a bad idea........but where?

Ryan with our proud papa....

.... and mama

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