Friday, August 28, 2009

ceviche dreams

For a while now the ADU staff has been chatting about their collective love for ceviche. So when they decided to have an entire office outing for Thursday's lunch, and Ben realized I had to the day off too, I got invited to join them. Juan knew about a tasty cevicheria (ceviche restaurant) somewhere in Mixco, so we hopped in the cars and off we went.

Nothing fancy but definitely delicious,
Cevicheria Mar Del Plata made a lasting impression and I'm pretty sure the friendly owner hasn't seen the last of this group of seafood freaks! We stuck to the shrimp only - apparently someone had a bad experience with too much "land" in their mixto during a previous ceviche outing - and boy was there was an abundance of those little guys in it!

We ate like royalty for at least a full 30 minutes! Add in a dose or two of friendly office jesting and it turned out to be quite an entertaining lunch!

Before ceviche

After ceviche

Juan documents the event while
Dani continues working on a full stomach!

Cristobal - completely satisfied with the evidence to prove it!

Lety & baby "Marcos" - Pura Quetzalteca!

Thanks ADU Guatemala for allowing me to join you!

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