Monday, August 17, 2009

words can't describe

This weekend we engaged in a bunch of good 'ole family fun - Guatemalan style. Friday night we headed to Guatemala City to meet up with Sergio & Cynthia Ortega, friends from Lancaster. We ate dinner at a great restaurant in Zone 5, that just so happens to be owned by Sergio's family, located on the same street that he grew up on. Well, we got to chatting and pretty soon it was well past midnight and Casa Lengacher had a spontaneous reservation for our 2nd ever guests, Sergio & Cynthia!

The following afternoon we invited Ben's co-worker Juan, his wife Nineth & their 2 sweet kids Alejandro & Daniela over for a lasagna lunch. Along with Sergio & Cynthia and our neighbor Dani, we had quite a crew crowed around our table!

After lunch we had a blast playing a miming game that Juan & his family brought along. Sin Palabras (Without Words), is a lot like Pictionary, but completely in Spanish with special Guatemalan vocabulary. What great practice it was for us! We're even thinking of picking up a copy of our own next time we're out and about. Divided into teams of girls vs. guys, we acted out and drew pictures to get the word across for a couple of hours. Alas, the guys won, but only because a lucky roll of the dice!

Look at all the fun we had!
Cynthia's Spanish blows mine out of the water!
Me trying to demonstrate Volcan Pacaya
Sin Palabras is a family favorite for the Colmenares family

It's bird, it's a plane - no it's just Ben being Ben!

Afterwards to took a stroll into bustling Antigua to get some ice cream which made this little gal, pretty happy. But then again what doesn't make her happy?

As for Alejandro, the ice cream made him so cold,
he had to cover up with whatever he could find!

Thanks for a fun day Colmenares family! Come back and see us again soon!

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