Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Someone ♥’s Us!

We know we're just an itty bitty blog, with an itty bitty following (at least our comments indicate such), but we always like new friends. We do have a few nice friends in high places who have kindly linked us on their highly trafficed sites (here and here), but just recently we've hit the big time (well, it's big time for us itty bitties)!

The nice folks over at Idealist have started up a new blog to chronicle the lives and work of volunteers living in Latin America and they too have linked us! We're soooo appreciative! (Thanks Lisa!) From the sounds of it, La Vida Idealist is going to provide some pretty interesting insights.

We actually considered becoming bloggers for the site when we saw their ad on (where else?) Idealist.org, but since we can hardly find the time to keep this blog up and running, we might have just gotten in over our heads. We'll certianly be adding them to our blogroll though and think you should too!


Melanie Finotti said...

Congratulations on becoming a link @ La Vida Idealist!! Your blog is awesome & we love reading about your work, experiences, & adventures in Guatemala. Be safe & keep the posts coming!!!

garywoodhead said...

Hey guys! Just thinking about the two of you and hoping everything is going well. Really looking forward to that 'Murse'. When you get some time it would be good to chat! Sounds like you are having a great time....enjoy yourselves and each other!