Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finotti Family Fun!

One of the reasons we've been absent from blog world for a while is because we had our very first set of special visitors here in Guatemala. The Finotti Family (minus little Riley dog) spent a week taking in some of our favorite places in Guatemala. We're back now though, ready to give you a sneak peak into some of the fun that we had.

Welcome to Guatemala Finotti Family!

After their arrival Sunday morning we all returned to Casa Lengacher to drop off the luggage, but then quickly hit the cobblestone, to go experience weekend Antigua (a whole different ball game than weekday Antigua).

We took in the gorgeous grounds at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, strolled through a street market & enjoyed drinks in the courtyard at Epicure.

First thing Monday morning, we packed up Dewey and headed straight for the lake where we spent a few days visiting a few of the villages that surround it.

But not before a quick stop by an Aguas De Unidad system, where Ben shared about his work.

2nd stop, the Reserva Natural right outside of Panajachel. We watched coatis and spider monkeys swing from trees, crossed suspension bridges over waterfalls and a few of us even took the zipline canopy tour.

Then we hopped on a lancha for the short ride to our hotel, La Casa del Mundo, a hidden retreat in Jaibalito, Atitlan.

Up, up, up we climbed 164 stairs to get to our rooms!

And back down again to hang out by the water.

We toured a few of the nearby villages Tuesday, starting with San Juan la Laguana,
which is known for it's weaving co-operatives that use natural dyes that create soft muted tones.

From San Juan the 5 of us crammed into a tuk-tuk bound for San Pedro la Laguna.

In San Pedro we explored the town, shopped and took a break lakeside.

Then we boarded yet another lancha and crossed the rough waters for a quick stroll through San Marcos la Laguna, before heading back to our hotel on the hill.

Back at the Casa, the boys took a dip in the cool lake waters.

The perfect end to a lovely day.

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