Friday, May 7, 2010

30 is the new 20.....please!

Thank you all so much for your lovely birthday wishes - and thanks the most to my dear husband for making this transition into my 30's so delightful. I've heard that 30 is the new 20, so I'm going with it. I don't know if I'd really want to be 20 again, but maybe 26 or 27 would work!

To ring in my 30's we had hoped to take a wonderfully fabulous trip somewhere but the timing of us wrapping up our jobs here in Antigua just didn't work out. So instead we spent the weekend in our favorite get away close to home - Lake Atitlán. Unfortunately this was one of the first times the lake didn't end up being exceptionally great - it rained a lot. We did get to spend some nice time relaxing and visited my favorite village, Santiago though. On Saturday evening we made our way back to Antigua and luckily when we woke up Sunday morning it was bright and sunny. Good thing too because Ben had planned a little poolside get together for me with some of our friends at Hotel Antigua. So at least I did get my birthday wish - just not on my birthday!
We spent a few hours lounging poolside in an amazing setting and even indulged in my favorite Guatemalan dessert - tres leches. Yum-O!

The pool at Hotel Antigua

Fabulous atmosphere!

The hotel even put my little "birthday event" on the welcome board!

Yay, tres leches.....

....with a giant cookie in it!

Wasn't it so sweet of Ben to plan a great pool day?

All in all turning 30 was certainly not painful, but definitely not as monumentos as I had once thought it would be. The real celebrating is yet to come though, as next week we're leaving for a month long vacation, where I will certainly be celebrating on various beaches in honor of my birthday!

Thanks again everyone for making my birthday oh so nice!


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