Thursday, May 13, 2010

Changes on the Horizon

That's right folks, there's some changing going on at this house. Numero uno being that I have entered into my 4th decade of life. Yes, I'm now a part of the 30-something club. Yikes!

Numero dos
is that Ben and I have both ended yet another chapter in this Latin America dream. We have both completed our current jobs at Common Hope and Aguas de Unidad. We're both a bit sad to say goodbye to the work and the people that we have come to love, but it's also a bit exciting to think about what lies ahead.

And finally, numero tres. We're leaving for a month of Latin America travel today! Yes, today! During out time here in Guatemala we've been fortunate enough to take in all the popular destination in this country plus Honduras, Belize & El Salvador, so now we're headed south.
We'll be spending the next several weeks visiting Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica & Nicaragua!

When we arrive back in Guatemala at the end of June, we'll spend a couple of more weeks here, hanging out with our friends, but then it's time to hit the road again. Road Trip Mexico - Part 2: Northward Bound.

We plan to do our best keeping things up to date blogwise during our travels, so check back soon!

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