Monday, May 17, 2010

My lunch dates

In honor of my very last day at Common Hope and to celebrate my my loyal (and often only) classmates in the Occupational Therapy class, we went on a lunch date....just the three of us!

Nery, me & Sonia

When asked where we should go my companions didn't have many ideas, so I put the idea of Cafe Condesa out there and of course they were a go. Who can resist delicious liquados and desserts to accompany lunch?

Sonia certainly cannot!

Nery on the other hand was quite fascinated with his new radio cell phone, so he acted as our own personal DJ and photographer.

Even in my short time as their "teacher" I have seen great growth and kindness and creativity in both of these great people. Defying the odds, both Nery and Sonia show amazing potential for greater independence in their futures.

It was certainly a memorable afternoon with friends, one that will not easily be forgotten. And with any luck, our paths will cross again, one day very soon.

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