Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yay, it's happened to me too!

I don't know whether to cry or cheer, but it's true - I've officially become a Chapina. Remember back when we discovered it had happed to Ben and we all got a good chuckle out of this post? Well it dawned on me the other day that I too have become Chapina (or as Chapina as a Gringa can get!) Now you can get a good chuckle out of me.

I water like my garden is on fire! It's a pretty typical site to see a Guatemalan standing in front of their house or store spraying or splashing water into the sidewalk or street in front. I used to wonder what good it was going, since the water would soon dry up and the dirt would be there once again. Now every morning I too get out the hose and spray down the garden, the patio, the plants outside, sometimes even the house and garage door (it is crazy dusty here).

2. I downloaded a music ringtone. I get texts from my cell phone carrier nearly everyday asking if I want to purchase a ringtone/backtone and I normally ignore them, adamant that I would never do it even though everyone here has one and normally has their ring set to the loudest level! Do I really want to be "that girl" with the annoying ring in the grocery store? Well, the other night on my drive home I was listening to the radio and hear a popular song that I like. Afterwards the DJ came on the air and shared a free code for the ringtone, so I busted out my cell and texted it right then and there. Now I'm "that girl". Wanna hear my ringtone?

It's so catchy and I love the message!

I point at things with my nose and mouth. Stay with me -it's hard to explain. For example if someone asks in what direction is XXX place, I direct my head "that-a-way" and then scrunch up my nose or mouth to point. It's a joke here that only the people from Xela do it. I suppose since technically I got my Guatemalan start in Xela I can say that I'm "from there".

And the final characteristic I adopted soon after my arrival in Guatemala that locks it all in is.............

Black beans have become one of my top 5 favorite foods. I could eat a good black bean puree for breakfast, lunch & dinner 7 days a week. Lucky for me they are uber healthy....well maybe not the way we cook 'em up here (think lots of oil....or even lard if you get them straight from the kitchen of a Guatemalan cook).

I prefer them puree style!

Isn't it kind of funny that I can think of more reasons that I'm a Chapina than that characterize me as an American? Maybe it's a sign!

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