Monday, November 1, 2010

It feels like yesterday

Yesterday in Guatemala, the holiday Dia de Los Difuntos was celebrated. I'm sure you've heard all about the elaborate Day of the Dead celebrations that take place in Mexico, well this is Guatemala's version only a bit tamer with less skeletons! I blogged about our trip to see the amazing kites in Santiago Sacatépquez right here last year. Last night I found myself browsing back through the photos wishing I could have been there again, when I came across this one.

Look at how tiny she was!

Can you even believe that one year ago our Mia Chapina was such a little puppy girl? I remember prepping her for her first big adventure with her mami & papi. We were so anxious to see how she would do; if she was going to be an adventure dog or not. She ended up doing great, making lots of friends and then sleeping the rest of the day away! I'm also pretty sure this is where her love of ice cream began......

And since the day is really a whole lot bigger than just my cute puppy, here are some repeat photos of last years festivities for your enjoyment. It was so beautiful. I had a heyday with the old camera, which still hasn't been replaced since this incident.

I didn't give you all the history of Dia de Los Difuntos in this post today, but I really do highly recommend that you go check it out here. It's a beautiful way to honor loved ones passed.

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