Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lasting Love List

I've always been a little bit more than "into" design and decor, but it hasn't been until more recent years that I've really began to define my style. I don't think I can put a label on exactly what my style is, but if I tried it may sound something like "traditional meets modern, California classic seaside bungalow that is warm, light and airy with pops of bold color." How's that for a definition? Needs some work, I realize this. I have my likes, my loves and my definite dislikes (like a new build Colorado home covered in builder beige, multi-colored slate & the equally popular beige granite). Now that we're getting to the point of making design choices for our home, I am feeling the need to really honor the age and style of the home (1929 classic bungalow). I'm finding that with some tweaking, most of my loves can fit right in here. That's the part of my style definition where "traditional meets modern" - traditional in form & design, modern in color & pattern.

We realize that this home is far from our "dream home" or "forever home"; it's more like our "dream right now, practice home". We want to make good choices, smart choices for the house that will pay us back in the long run so we have more freedom to get carried away when we finally meet our "forever home". Unfortunately that means that some of the ideas that would take this house from great to amazing won't be making the cut (due to the home's footprint and our budget), but we're going to try to squeeze in as many as we can. Other things, like furniture, is a lot easier because we can begin investing in pieces we love now and then pack them up to take with us later.

Still though, I can't help but to dream about those "carried away" features that are and will continue to be on my forever lasting love list. Here are a few a bunch.

Open staircase
(We're hopefully going to make this happen, at least partially, in this home)
Dark hardwood flooring

Tall wainscoting
(already under way)

(it's a front runner in the upstairs finishes)

Gallery style artwork

(perhaps when with open staircase)

Deep bold color (used sparingly)
(loving this marine/teal for the dining room)

Large scale maps
(just you wait and see!!!)

Black and white (in a warm way)

(living room dreams)
cowhide rugs
(yes yes yes...please)

Black windows & trim
(it's being considered for the living room & bathroom)

(living room for sure & maybe upstairs)

A fun bar cart

(this sounds like a good DIY project)

Wood plank & beam ceilings
(upstairs? a beam for sure)
cut out mirrors
(a headboard?)

Tufted ottoman
(again, upstairs)
(maybe not on the walls....)

A giant corner desk unit
(custom desk currently being built)

Eames-like chair (to sit at the desk)
(gotta see the desk first)

Stripped metal furniture
(I'm searching, but vintage metal is hard to find)

A breakfast nook with built in window bench & bamboo chairs
(no space in this house. tear.)

Acrylic furniture
(possibly a finishing touch)

Classic display cabinet with sliding doors
(we've got a spot reserved in the living room)

Upholstered nailhead trim bed
(hmmm...King or Queen?)

Fun accent furniture
(sounds like a Craigslist find)

Campaign style furniture
(currently stalking Craigslist)

Nailhead upholstry
(remember my wingback chair?)

Seagrass rugs &/or carpeting
(rugs for sure. carpeting?)

Got any other great ideas I can add to the list?


Dekorasyon Ankara said...

Thank you for this clever and useful living room design idea.

Natalie said...

I follow a blog called "Better After". There have been several dressers on there that are painted metal that look very similar to the picture you have. There are definitely techniques that you can do to get that look.