Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Progress at long last!

Oops. Sorry friends. It seems that this blog got put on the back burner this week. Things got busy and I let it slide....that's my excuse. Hope you can forgive me long enough to check out our progress at Casa Lengacher. Things are moving at the speed of light around here (don't I wish!). Slow or not, we've finally got some visible progress to show. Either the home reno fairies have been coming while we sleep or this guy has been putting in a lot of over time hours. I'd like to believe in the fairies, but unfortunately I saw how it all went down.

Remember our first (and only ) project room? The back little bedroom that is being turned into Krista's "girl cave/2nd guest room" is just about finished.

It started out as a dusty blue, sloppily painted, chair rail loving, almost forgettable baby's room....

....and emerged as this (for now).

Krista's project space / extra guest room
Please excuse the chair line-up. We are constantly shuffling things around and it seems that all the ugly chairs have come to rest here for now!

My most favorite part of my project room is this.

The closet turned work station.

I plan on setting up my decor/inspiration/sewing station in there. I'm going to bring it to life with some color and fabrics and love me some serious "crafting" in that space! And for those of you worried about losing a closet, don't sweat it. The shelves can come out and the rod and door can be reinstalled easily for if/when we need to use the room as a bedroom again. You may recall my inspiration for the room.

I love the uniqueness of that gray, green & teal combo. But that unique little combo is painful when trying to find a fabric to use as the starting piece. I have scoured this city and exhausted the internet trying to find something that feel reminiscent of that bedspread or that even has the green/teal colors together with a white - not cream - background. And while I'm sure someone awesome like Schumacher has just what I'm looking for in one of their lines, spending $150+/yard for fabric alone (not labor) is not in our budget. As of now here are the front runners.

Design Legacy's Blue Heron

P. Kaufmann's Brissac in Jewel

I've also toyed a bit with this one. P. Kaufmann's Clarice/Cir in Dove.

This image isn't good for color. It's a green/gray background with brown/aqua/yellow and green design. I'm not a huge fan of the brown/aqua thing that is overdone in my opinion, so it gets axed. Plus it doesn't have that "pop" that I want. Since it will be the only real colorful fabric in the room (used in the form of roman shades) we want something that brings life to our Benjamin Moore Gray Owl walls. I'm leaning toward the Blue Heron. It's so different and I love the large scale of the print. And while it isn't overly green/teal it does have hues of both that I think I can bring out with accessories. Plus I'm loving the indigo with the green and teal. It is also a bit pricier than I would like (but no where near 3 digits) but Ben has given me the go-ahead to pull the trigger.......still I'm a bit gun shy!

We're envisioning a comfy pull-out sofa (probably of the white slip covered sort) a small entertainment-like center and a nice sea grass rug to finish off the space. I'd also love to throw in some storage like this cute Ikea hutch too.

In time, folks. All in time. For now we're focusing on the basics - window molding, trim & door paint. I like to think of it as setting the ground work for fabulous design. It's also a giant practice in patience for me!

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I love the middle fabric. Gorgeous.