Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Randomness

Things have been quite here on the blog front lately, but not so quiet on Pecan Ave. Take a look why.

First, these 2 came to visit.
Are you wondering what those red things are? They're latex doggie booties! Take a closer look here - Mia got them too!

After several near meltdowns on Ben's part from the fear of our newly finished floors getting scratched, I tracked down a least for when our friends come to play and we get a little wild! I wish I could show you the high stepper dance she does when we first put them on!

So while the girls were playing their little puppy hearts out all week, my mom and I were tackling the attic of doom. It was hard work, but well worth it. Look at it now!

Organized chaos.

A Rubbermaid dream in our unfinished master bath.

The majority of my clothes are still boxed up because there is no where to put them downstairs.
It makes picking out a cute outfit almost impossible.

And here is where my work supplies live - at least until I have an SLP job.

And the future walk in closet, is now home to yard sale central.

See something you want? Make me an offer!
Here's the current state of the 1st floor.

We were almost ready to paint when Ben decided to add some finishing molding to all the windows, but soon....
As you can see were still deciding on white vs. black windows.

I'm torn, but I think white is going to win - at least downstairs. It's because of the white shutters were planning to use in the front of the house. What do you think? Is it faux pois to do the black upstairs even though it is completely different upstairs? I'm pretty ok with it, but then again I'm a bit of a rule breaker as long as the feel of the house stays fluid.

This is the current state of our mudroom.
Work supply headquarters.
It too will soon be looking more presentable, with the help of our new drywalling/painting friends from Honduras.

While my mom was here, we ventured down to Gaffney, SC to the Pottery Barn outlet. It wasn't anywhere near as good as the one in Lancaster (I don't think any of them are), but we did score this monster to be used as either a recessed media console or possibly a built in window seat in the front room upstairs. A $700 item for $99. Cha-ching!

Yesterday after our visitors left we were feeling nostalgic for all things latin, so on a whim we tried out a local "real" Mexican restaurant. I ordered the enchiladas centroamericanas and was delighted to find that they looked like almost exact replicas of those dished up by Doña Elvia & Doña Olinda at Familias de Esperanza, complete with hard boiled eggs and crumbly cheese. Man I miss those almuerzos!

And to totally change subjects yet again. We stumbled across these beauties at The Sleepy Poet antique shop while we were out and about too. What do you think about all 5 feet of them spanning above our fireplace? I'm loving the idea. Ben is on the fence, so for the rest of today they are on hold.
Of course the worn out tapestry would go, probably replaced by burlap.
Hip and interesting or too Texas?

Thanks for sticking with my randomness. I'd love your hear your feedback. Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!

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