Monday, January 24, 2011

5 under 3

Make that 3 and under


I'm referring to the second half of our holiday QFT (remember?, Quality Family Time). I know, geez Krista, it's officially 1 month after Christmas. Get with the program. I'm trying. Really trying. I promise.

I suppose I could have just skipped the holiday wrap up, but then you wouldn't get to see these great photos of the 5 days we spent with the other half of our the same house as 5 little ones 3 years old & under! Well, technically in 2 houses.....but most of the time, just 1.

There was lots of playing going on......inside and out. Throw that in with a Harnish family gathering/pool tournament and a bunch of baby holding and that pretty much sums up how we spent our time.....doing it all beside a roasty toasty warm wood stove.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves - with a little help.

Chloe with her wild & beautiful hair!

Grampy snuggling baby Joel
(he was less than a week old!)

Most delicious punch ever.
(White grape juice, Sprite & cranberries)

Isaiah & Addie glued to the tube....Elmo must be on!

Cousins catching up on life

A favorite male pastime - chopping & stacking wood

Hello Mo!

Aunt Meghan & Joel

Sisco & Joel
(we couldn't get enough of Baby Joel)

This little girl loves the big girls!

Guess who loves the freedom of the farm?

Leaf wrestling pit

Addie going out on a limb

Now everyone want to go out on a limb

Check out this 7-month-old almost walker.....little Lewis

Mia & Taffy sliding on the ice

Mia loving life

Grampy & his girls

Angels making snow angels

Uncle Kush & Isaiah

Present time!

Read me a story Uncle Eloy

Lewis & his mom tearing into another present

Proud big sister....and cousin

Auntie love

Grammy & Grampy with their crew of 5

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