Friday, January 21, 2011

We Are....

Penn State!

In case you didn't know, both Ben & I graduated from under grad at Penn State. And like most Nittany Lions, we have (and always will) a special place in our hearts for Happy Valley (what they call the town of State College, where the university is located). Nestled down in a valley, life is always grand in Joe Pa's town! Actually, most people probably don't know this, but we laid eyes on each other for the very first time at a PSU football game. Can you even image meeting the love of your life amidst 120,000 people? Well ok, the "love of your life" part was unknown at that very moment, but things did blossom a bit later that evening when we reunited at a party, thanks for our little matchmaker (and maid of honor ) Sara Beth!

So lucky for us, Happy Valley is almost exactly halfway between where my parents live in northwestern PA & where Ben's parents live in southeastern PA. Whenever possible we like to make it a stopping point as we travel between our two families. Our holiday trip home in December was no exception. Only this time was extra special because it was Mia's first time!

Check out the highlights.

Meeting the Allen St. piglets

Checking out the old stomping grounds
(aka the cool kids sidewalk that led to my old apartment)

For sure a McLanahan's sub

Meeting old Joe Pa himself....sort of

And of course, a visit to the Nittany Lion Shrine

Our visit was short (and cold) but we had so much fun, we've even chatted about going back for Fall a weekend trip......but probably not on a football weekend. It would be super fun to tailgate with friends and hit another game, but we'd also like to just hang out and chill in town which is pretty hard to do when the entire world is there too!


Natalie said...

#1- I love that you love your dog as much as I love mine. Your blog is so enjoyable when Mia is included (it's enjoyable when she's not included too). When you change the title of your blog she should definitely be included.

#2- Is that a huge port o potty in the background by the cool kids sidewalk?

Krista & Ben said...

Yes, Natalie - It's a huge port o potty. We couldn't figure out if it they are doing work in the area, or if it's to deter drunk college kids from public urination. Have you ever listened to the This American Life on the #1 Party School? You should.