Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Part II

Yay! Wishes really do come true! Today we had another snow day. Well technically it was more like an ice day, but it's all the same when you're stuck in the house!

At first I was a little bummed as I had planned a big trip to Mary Jo's to purchase some fabric for our guest room curtains (it would have been a perfect day to sew) but then I realized how lucky I really am. A 4 day weekend with my favorite 2 companions? How often does this happen? Almost never!

So I readjusted my priorities and got to work making the most of my day. Since I'm really trying to get on top of things in 2011, I began by paying bills, making phone calls and organizing photos on the computer. I bit the bullet and paid to upgrade my Flickr account so that now I can upload as many photos as I'd like, making it a whole lot easier to share the good ones with friends and family. Since the arrival of my new camera, I've been snapping away just like I used to (before it was stolen). I think I took about 500 photos while back in PA. They certainly aren't all great, but how can I delete photos of our family?

Take a look at Part I of our holiday in Pennsylvania, where we celebrated Christmas with the Finotti/Master family. It was great! We spent Christmas day with everyone together, just like old times. Mia got to meet her cousins and experience snow for the first time and absolutely loved it all. And of course we had lots of quality family time....and lots of good eats!

The whole Master/Finotti Crew!

Pa loves his Quickbread!

Who knew Christopher had a soft spot for kitties?

Our first white Christmas in a while.

QFT. (Quality Family Time)
Uncle Mark sharing some funny "Dadisms"

Our little family of 3.

Mia showing off her tricks!

Sadie Boo in her Christmas collar.

Could it be more socks?

I thought they weren't allowed on the furniture?

Sister & Brother

Our little snow bunny!

That's quite the cooler you got there mom!

Christmas in Pennsylvania Part II, coming soon...........

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Laurie J said...

QFT. haha, love that abbrev!