Saturday, April 17, 2010

Catching Up

After a week of really great company, I find myself alone this peaceful afternoon with a bit of time to play catch up on my blogging. Please forgive my absence over the past week. I put the blog on the back burner and focused my time and energy on having fun with our visitors. As I sit here this afternoon, Brandi & Mike are on their way home, the laundry is drying out on the line & FINALLY room has been made for more photos on our over loaded hard drive, which means it must be time for some final thoughts on Semana Santa....only 2 weeks later! I last left you with some images of processions and alfombras early on in the week, but as Holy Week passed on, the crowds grew larger, the processions more frequent and the alfombras more elaborate.

Check out a little more of what we experienced.

First came the making of the alfombras.

And then of course the appreciating the
alfombras (with lots of photo taking).

Processions happened all week long.

Both day and night.

With the crowds growing daily.

Always with Jesus first....

.....followed by Mary.....

.....and then the clean up crew!

And by Sunday afternoon, the crowds were gone and nothing was left but this.

Want to see & hear exactly what we did? Watch these.

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