Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Girl

Well Krista Bella, today you turn the big 30. Not to say that all the other birthdays haven't been important, but you are now done with your 20s and are on to the 30s. So let's take a quick look back over the past 10 years since I have known you, from our days at Penn State to our lives here in Guatemala.
There was the trip to San Fran when we had just started grad school

The many hikes and snowshoe trips that you endured...

The family vacations, this one to the Outer Banks

Our engagement pics in Fort Collins with your mom as our photographer
(the bike I remember finding beside a dumpster outside my house)

The wedding day, complete with sunny skies and your beautiful smile.

Surfing in Hawaii

Denver, our home for 5 years and many good friends.

While studying Spanish in Xela, one of the weekend trips to Lago Atitlan.

Road trippin' with my best friend through Mexico.

Antigua, where home is now.

As we celebrate 30 years of your life today, my hope is that we both get to spend another 30 more together making new memories. Happy Birthday!

Para los guatemaltecos que leen nuestro blog, "Como celebramos los 30 anos de su vida hoy Krista, espero que podamos vivir otro 30 anos juntos y hacer nuevas memorias. Feliz Cumpleanos!"

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