Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Visitor's Circuit

At long last we finally received our first non-family visitors to entertain in Casa Lengacher. Like mentioned here, our Pennsylvania turned Colorado turned Vermont friends, Brandi & Mike paid us a long awaited visit and we had so much fun with them!

Here the rundown of all the fun we had.

* Nachos Acpacalypticos at the MonoLoco
* Sunday morning walks in Antigua
* Sunday afternoon at the beach!
* Fresh ceviche, oceanside
* Common Hope's Community Tour
* Grabbing up as much fresh produce as we could in the open air market
* Volcan Pacya (just them, not us)
* Tres Leches at Cafe Condesa
* Strolling and shopping in Panajachel
* Making new friends & lounging lakeside at La Casa Del Mundo
* Morning kayaking
* Excursions to San Juan & San Pedro La Laguna
* Touring Mayan ruins
* Indulging in typical Guatemalan cuisine

And some photos to show you that we're not lying!

Puerto San Jose

Fresh liquados!

La Casa Del Mundo

Pure relaxation

Lounging lakeside

Cooling off

Appreciating weaving

Finding religion

Dodging raindrops in a crazy storm

Enjoying naranjadas

Getting rained out of the ruins

We were super psyched to have you both here with us! Thanks for visiting! We're already looking forward to next year's vacation together.

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