Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've been gifted

No, I'm not referring about the amazing intellectual abilities that I've had from a very young age (tee hee hee!) - I'm talking about gifts - like presents! For absolutely no reason at all, I have recently become the recipient of some pretty fabulous gifts, from some pretty fabulous friends and I want to show them off!

While enjoying a couple of days away with Brandi & Mike at La Casa Del Mundo (aka. GringoLandia), we met the sweetest couple from South Carolina, Emily & Mark. They were at the lake celebrating their 1st anniversary. We hit it off quick over a lovely candlelit dinner our first night at the hotel and were BFF's from them on. One day while visiting San Juan (remember how much we love San Juan), I fell in love with a classic grey and white ikat inspired shawl, but decided that it wasn't something that I really needed. Reverse buyers remorse haunted me for the next couple of days and the morning that we left, I nearly hopped a boat to San Juan just to get that shawl but my budget was pleading me not to, so I didn't.

A couple of nights later, on their last night in Guatemala, we met up with Emily and Mark once again, but on our turf - Antigua. They had mentioned going to our very favorite restaurant, Hector's, so we jumped at the chance to join them. And it was there, during dinner, that Emily surprised me with my dream shawl! Why? I don't know? - just because she is super sweet. I felt so undeserving and guilty, but so completely appreciative. I can't wait to find just the right "home" for it in my next home. And it's now even more special that it would have been had I purchased it for myself - filled with some great memories.
(Thanks so much Emily!!!)

But rewinding back a bit to the day we left the lake, I was once again hit smack over the head by another unsuspected gift, but this time it was from Brandi (and Mike too). A few days earlier Brandi and I had eyed up a few of the aerial style paintings that are so famous here, especially around the lake. We played with the idea of hanging a cluster of little ones all together. Well, little did I know, that when we went back to make what I thought was a purchase for Brandi's upstairs bathroom, it ended up being a present for me. Undeserving? - yes. Completely caught off guard? - yes. Forever grateful? - YES! (BJ, really you shouldn't have - and the offer still stands for me to go grab a few more for you!)

It wasn't even my birthday (yet) and I'm already feeling quite special! Thanks girls!

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