Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ice Cream & Chocolate

It's bittersweet leaving any place that you've called home, regardless of the amount of time spent there. When we first came to Guatemala, I honestely don't think we were expecting to fall love with it or it's wonderful people nearly as much as we did. During our short year and a half stint we not only got to explore all the wonders of the country, but also met and became friends with a great group of people, both locals and foreigners. Even though many of them don't have much, they always opened their homes to us and made us feel part of the family, something that we honor and respect very much.

To say goodbye to Ben's co-worker Alejandro Cacao (the plant from which chocolate is made) & his family, we surprised them with an ice cream cone party in their home. It was a super small gesture for all the wonderful support Alejandro has given us, but his family couldn't have been happier.

Here is their special message to us.

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