Friday, July 16, 2010

One Last Dip

There was lots of hanging out and many a despedida (goodbye) with friends the whole week leading up to our departure. Sadly though, our oldest Antigua friends Britt & Carlos were vacationing in Costa Rica until just before we left. Lucky for us when they suggested a 4th of July weekend at the lake date with them after saying goodbye to Antigua, we jumped at the chance. Being that C & B have never been, but were dying to go to to the gringo haven of La Casa Del Mundo, we booked our reservations and off we went for one last dip in Lago Atitlán.

Way back when we lived in the cute loft apartment on 2nd Avenue we met Carlos and Britt, who also lived in the same complex. They were the only other tenants with a car and we were constantly parking each other in on the long narrow driveway. After a couple of weeks of knocking on each others doors, making arrangements for who would be leaving first each morning, we started hanging out. We had already made plans to move into our house at that point, but had we known that some of our neighbors would turn out to be some of our best friends, we may have never left.

It was a weekend of lounging lakeside, stuffing ourselves silly, staying up late playing cards, and dodging evening showers. We couldn't have asked for a better despedida with anyone else. It turns out that Carlos & Britt are actually moving stateside also at the end of the summer, to Minnesota where Britt will be attending graduate school. Even though MN isn't exactly right next door, we're already scheming up plans for our next visit with them!

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Carlos R Cruz said...

Good friends, good times... glad to hear that you guys had fun. Keep on truckin' Lengachers!