Monday, August 2, 2010

1 more day in paradise

Ok, so the words "Mazatlan" and "paradise" may exactly be interchangeable to everyone, but since In just a few days there will be no more beautiful turquoise waters and white sandy beaches for us, I deem it "paradise" worthy for all intensive purposes.

Intending to spend only one night in yet another one of our favorite beach side RV Parks and then hit the road in the morning, we were disappointed to find that Mar Rosa was closed for maintenance. Being that it is the low season for RVer's and technically "winter" in Mexico, it made sense, but we weren't very happy with our other option for camping. Just a few blocks away from Mar Rosa inland, Las Palmas Trailer Park, was not what the Church's Bible described it to be. Unkempt and dirty with not many of the services they they supposedly offer (like on-site laundry and wi-fi) we made our distaste known to the management, but still ended up staying for 1 night.

After packing up in the morning and stopping by the beach for one last photo opp, the "little swimmer" and I both had meltdowns. How could it be that this is it? No more beaches! We hadn't even gotten to enjoy any time here in Mazatlan and the beach was so much more beautiful than we had remembered it to be. I'm not ashamed to admit that there were tears….genuine tears….and within minutes, our tour guide was cruising the strip in search of a hotel that accepts pets so that his girls could have one last memorable day in the sand and surf. Yipee! We love our tour guide!!

our last beach day for awhile

look at that water - gorg!

sniffing out the surf

shade seekers

happy girls

one more ocean sunset

& one more taco dinner!

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