Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movin' & Shakin'

As we wrap up our time here in Denver, we are finding ourselves busier and busier with moving plans but are still squeezing in as much time as we can with great friends that we're really going to miss. Tear. Last weekend we went to Winter Park with some friends for a weekend of biking, hanging out & hot tubbing. Coincidentally it also happened to be our 6th anniversary, so our little family of 3 spent Sunday afternoon hiking and playing in the water. I didn't really get any decent photos of all the other shenanigans that went down over the weekend, but I did take a few on the hike.

look at all the beetle kill. sad.

in her glory.

our best attempt at a family photo.

retrieving as usual.

look at that sky!

Right now most of our things are stored in a climate controlled, packed to the brim, storage unit on West Colfax. There are various other things in various other friend's homes as well. We been trying to consolidate those extra things into 1 location this week and come Saturday morning we'll be up bright and early, loading up our 26 foot U-Haul at the storage unit, hopefully with the help of some very kind friends (at least by mid-day). Unfortunately that won't be the end of the moving madness. We've made arrangements to move our belongings across the country with a company called U-Pack. They give you the trailer to load and then drive it for you to your destination. Frustratingly enough, the management at our storage unit will not allow us to park the U-Pack trailer on their premises (since it stays overnight), so we have to load a U-Haul (only 2 feet smaller than the U-Pack), drive it all to the U-Pack warehouse and then reload it all. Stupid, right? I know.

If all goes as planned we'll be pulling out of D-Town Sunday morning the 29th of August. Tear. We hope to pass through Kansas to visit Ben's brother who just began college (aviation school) in Hesston and then veer south, stopping in both Memphis and Nashville before arriving in Charlotte the evening of September 1st. We'll do a walk through of the house on thursday and then have the closing on Friday. So to say the very least, things are gonna be busy for a while, but as always I'll do my best to keep things fairly updated around here.

If you're in town (Denver that is) this Saturday and find yourself with nothing to do, come on over to West Colfax.....we'll provide the pizza!

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