Thursday, August 19, 2010

All grown up.

Mia's first birthday came and went and now we're the proud parents of a 1-year-old. Those of you with kids probably think I'm nutso, but I don't care. She's my kid and I love her. Here's a peak at how we celebrated her special day.

There was hiking and playing and shopping and walking and lunching and laughing and cuddles and cupcakes.

I don't care what anybody says, we're gonna celebrate all birthdays this way.....even if she is only a dog!

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Uncle, Aunt, cousins in IL said...

Happy 1st birthday Mia! Of course all birthdays need to be celebrated! One year, Lady invited her best friend, Misha, to her celebration..we ran to a nearby stream, they swam and had dog treats!!

Also wanted to wish you two a HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY EARLY! Know you two will find a unique & fun way to spend your day in CO.

Your house in NC looks like a great work in progress. Another year of firsts for you two..homeowners! Congrats

Beth & Jim