Monday, August 16, 2010

It's not over yet!

Hey everyone! So as you've read we have safely made it back to the states and are currently back in Colorado, but don't worry - this isn't the end of From Colfax to Xela yet!

Technically we are not back on Colfax Avenue, but we're not far away, staying with Ben's sister, her husband and our new nephew! It's been quite a gentle readjustment period as we have been able to lay low and spend our time visiting old friends and some of our favorite places....sometimes it still doesn't quite feel real. It hasn't completely been all fun and games though, as we have also been working on another little project that has never before been officially mentioned on the blog.

We're moving to
Charlotte, North Carolina!!!

You may remember me hint hinting at a possible future change, back before our trip to Colombia. Does this ring any bells?

Well not only are we moving at the end of the month, but we also bought a house! Right now it's undergoing a bit of work, but will definitely be ready before we arrive. Check it out.

Goodbye Colfax, Hello Central!

Why are we moving, you ask yourself? Well as you may know, we aren't really from Colorado. Rather we were both born in raised in Pennsylvania where our families continue to reside. When we moved to Colorado 8 & 10 years ago (8 for me & 10 for Ben) we never really imagined it being forever, so when an opportunity came up for us to try something else, now felt like the right time for a transition. Upon our arrival in Charlotte, Ben will begin working for his dad's business that has a branch there. It's going to be quite a change for him, but something he is really looking forward to. He's not giving up on his water dreams completely though, and hopefully one day we will find ourselves back in Guatemala again - this time with a project of our very own! But for now we're off to Charlotte and even though North Carolina is not exactly close to Pennsylvania, we're excited to settle somewhat closer to our families and see them much more often. Although I do plan on working as well, for now I'm focusing on unpacking and making our house a home. After we're settled in a bit I plan to find myself back in the field of Speech-Language Pathology, using my Spanish skills with any luck. (Please let me know if you've got any contacts in the area!)

While we have done our best to keep fairly up-do-date with all of the noteworthy (and sometimes not so noteworthy) happenings of our experiences and travels over the past 2 years, believe it or not there are some things that never got published. So, for the next couple of weeks we're going to try our best to fill in the gaps and share even more with you. Please forgive us in advance for irregular posting and a lack of sequence - we're out of our normal routine!

Stay tuned, From Colfax to Xela lives on!

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Natalie said...

Oh Wow! Congratulations! Your new house looks awesome. Michael's brother and his family live in North Carolina and they love it. He's in the army and will be transferred again next year, but they have really enjoyed their time there.

Good luck!