Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello again, old friend

Quite possibly our favorite destination (at least beach oriented) on the south bound trip, Sayulita was yet another must do for this return trip. A small, nothing but fishing town, that has turned into a tourist magnet over the past 20 years, Sayulita is located just a 30 minute drive north of Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico's top vacation destinations. Frontier Airlines in Denver always has unbelievable deals into PV, so it's an easy getaway. The unfortunate part of having been discovered is that the locals (at least that work in the tourism industry) seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulders and don't really care about being over friendly to the nice tourists that have made the place what it is, but as long as we kept it in mind, it didn't seem to bother us much. These are 2 main reasons we love Sayulita so much:

#1 - It's got something for everyone. There's a great beach scene with nice medium sized waves - big enough for surf lessons, but not so big you can't swim. Plus, the town is filled with restaurants & cute shops (not the crap souvineer kind) and it's completely walkable.

#2 Sayultia Trailer Park & Bungalows is the bomb diggity. If you are looking for a great camping experience whether it be in an fully contained RV or tent, this is the place. It's located right on the beach, but provides tons of shelter from the sun, lots of privacy (like you aren't looking in your neighbor's windows) and the facility is just about the nicest one we have stayed at. The Austrian owner is super welcoming too. And even if you aren't looking to camp per say, they offer nice bungalows within the same grounds, so there's a nice mix of people - all very down to earth and friendly.

This time around we pushed on through from Guadalajara to arrive at STP (Sayultia Trailer Park) around dusk. Upon our arrival we were kind of surprised to see a bit of different scene as compared to our last visit. Last time the park was literally full of Gringo RVer's. All very nice, but very American. This time around there were hardly any RV's (just tents) and we were the only Gringos…..even better, in our opinion!

It didn't take long for our four-legged travel companion to say hello to the neighbors and then make herself at home in the surf. Our girl hearts water…..just like her mami! We relaxed and enjoyed our favorite Mexican beach town for 3 days and even though there were some serious downpours in the evenings, our days were hot and sunny for the most part. Unfortunately Mia got a bit sick from slurping up too much saltwater, but after visiting the local vet and getting some meds and advice, it didn't even seem to phase her. She was back braving the waves after a nice long nap.

On the culinary front there are some delicious, not-so-high end places that you must try if you ever do find yourself in Sayulita.

#1 The torta lady in the park. Don't be afraid to eat this street food - you will most certainly miss out on something great. Try the pollo (chicken) with the works. So good and so cheap.

#2 Burrito Revolucion: Chipotle style burritos dished up in a cool outdoor atmosphere.

#3 The all natural ice cream & juice shop right next to Burrito Revolucion. You name it, they have it, in both ice cream and popsicle style…..and everything can be dipped in chocolate.

#4 This time around we discovered the Orignal Fish Taco. At first glance you may think twice about eating here. Honestly there are "prettier" looking restaurants but trust us, we made the mistake of going to the "nicer" Fish Taco joint and this one is way better and has much more of an authentic Mexican atmosphere, plus the staff are not the typical stuck-up Sayultians that we described above.

It was kind of sad to say goodbye knowing that if/when we ever do make it back there, it may not involve camping……..but then again - it may!

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