Monday, September 28, 2009

from limon to limonada

Tomāto, Tomäto - Lemon, Lime. It's all the same, no matter how you slice it up! In spanish there is only 1 word for both lemon & lime - limon.

Every once and a while Ben comes home with a great big bag of limones that grow on the tree outside of his office. Alejandro, the office handy guy, has quite a green thumb and often shares the "fruits" of his labor with us! Remember Alejandro's sweet family from this post?

Well needless to say, we don't often know what to do with our abundance of limes. Sure, there's limonada, but we need some more ideas! With the last batch of limes we received, I squeezed the juice and made a ton of lime-cubes. I love popping 1 into a glass of water or coke, but not many others seem to be a very big fan. What do you guys think? We need some suggestions on what to do with all these limes!

If only money grew as abundetly as limes do on the trees in Guatmala!


Ryan said...

Put the lime in the coconut and mix it all together! :)

(Repeat as necessary)

Anonymous said...

Blend 1 mango, 1 lime and some sugar then freeze for an amazing sorbet! One of my favorites! Nicole