Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lakeside Luxury

Saturday afternoon when we arrived back from our hike, we settled into the good life at Hotel Atitilán. Certainly out of our "normal" Guatemalan price range, we splurged for the ocassion and were not disappointed. While the rooms are just average, all have a private terrace and magnificant view of the lake. The grounds however are what you're really paying for. Hotel Atitlán has a spectacular collection of different gardens, each with it’s own identity and they extend from the hotel entrance to the edge of the lake, all of which have been cultivated since the hotel's inception, over 30 years ago.

The gardens naturally extend all the way down to the water's edge where the private dock and helipad (yes - this place is for the big ballers) are located. Sunday morning after breakfast we spent some time strolling the grounds taking lots of photos that I'll continue to share with you in a future post strictly showcasing the gardens!

Since Ben and I both love the idea of relaxing, but seem to have trouble actually doing so, Hotel Atitlán at least helped provide us with a setting that enticed us to sit back and relax. And that we did Sunday afternoon, poolside. Ahhhhhh......just thinking about it makes me itch to get back there as soon as I can come up with an good excuse to return!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see more of Hotel Atitlán's flora & fauna.

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