Thursday, September 17, 2009

Year in Review

It's official - we arrived in Guatemala for the first time 1 year ago today. While we did have a bit of a Guatemalan hiatus in the middle (from mid-December to May), we're back and prouder than ever to be Chapingos! (That's Chapín, mixed with Gringo).

Here's a look back at our year in no particular order.

picking coffee at Finca Nueva Alianza

Our faithful companion, Dewey

Traditional Mayan dress in San Antonio Palapo

Crossing the Tropic of Cancer, Baja California

Tandem biking in Ixtapa

Cascadas El Chiflón, Chiapas

A surprise birthday party with the girls in Tuxtla

Ben & Brandon's half-marathon

releasing baby sea turtles in Monterrico

atop Volcano Santa Maria

International Thanksgiving at ICA

professional campers in Mazatlan

A quality guy in Xela

there have been many beach breaks!

a caving expedition at Semuc Champey

100% Chapingos

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Puffins90 said...

Chapingos?.. sounds Great!! :)