Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Northward Bound

There must be something in the air that is bringing more and more roadtrippers to Guatemala because in the last week we've seen license plates from far and wide. First we got new neighbors who pulled into the compound with North Carolina plates. We haven't officially met them yet, but we're anxious to hear their story too! Then as we were leaving our weekend campsite we spied a truck RV from Florida pulling in to take our place. And to add to the list there are these guys who we've seen on and off in Antigua for a bit.

While meandering down the Baja and Mexican coastlines we met a lot of friendly RVers - mostly snowbirds - but none of which were headed anywhere near as far south as we were. Of course there are our friends from Xela, who blog
here and here, that are both making the North-South Pan American Highway trip, but we have yet to meet anyone headed in the opposite direction....until now!

Friday afternoon we came across this pimped out ride that was obviously geared up for the long haul.
Then Saturday we stumbled across it again, but this time one of the owner's was there too - selling jewelry off the hood. How fitting in Pana! We chatted with Aymará for a few minutes and learned that she and her partner were on a northward bound trip from Argentina to Alaska. As of now they are a little over a year into their trip and expect to arrive at their destination by next summer (I assume that means US summer 2010). We didn't chat long since we didn't want to interrupt her sales (we obviously understand the need for a little income while traveling), but we did catch up on their adventures on their blog when we got back home. Check it out!

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