Saturday, September 19, 2009

new faces & new places

Last weekend we were quite busy in the Lengacher household. With all the Independence Day festivities, we almost forgot to share it with you!

Friday night Dani & I hit the movie theater in Antigua for a showing of Sex in the City. Yea, it's way old by now & we had both seen it before, but it was still a great girls night. Aside from my company of course, the theater itself was the most impressive part of my evening. It's absolutely adorable. Think Neighborhood Flix you Denver folks, with little nooks that hold traditional movie theater seating and cute cafe tables. Waiters serve drinks, snacks and even full meals if you want! Plus the best part is that you don't even pay for the movie - just your food and drinks!

Then Saturday morning we hit a soccer game at the Roosevelt cancha (fields). This just wasn't any old soccer game though - we went to watch the son of Ben's co-worker Otto play. He's only 10, but pretty darn good. He even was chosen to be a part of a special Guatemalan selection team. Unfortunately his team lost this time, but I got some great photos that we can't wait to share with him & his family. Afterward we all went out for lunch & ate some of the best ceviche that we've ever had. Delicious!

Superstar Cristofer!

Father & Son, Otto & Cristofer

When lunch was done, Ben & I hopped back into Dewey and went to go visit the family of another co-worker, Alejandro. His lovely wife just gave birth to their 5th child last weekend, a baby girl named Wendy Orlanda. We fell in love with his kids, Alberto, Sophia, Alvaro, Lucrécia & Wendy and had a wonderful time visiting their family. Baby Wendy was sooooo tiny and sweet - we both think she may be the smallest human we've ever held.

Luky & Alvaro

mama & baby

little Wendy Orlanda

uh-oh, baby fever!

Ben & the kids

The Cacao Family

sleepy Luky

all smiles Alvaro!

On our way back into Antigua, we made an unexpected stop to see a litter of 10 golden retriever pups - only 1 month old. So cute and furry, it was all we could do to not walk out of there with one - or two! Don't you just love that puppy smell?

Then to wrap up our busy Saturday we met up with a group of friends for some sushi. Yum! How could we have not know that this great restaurant existed before? For several hours, we indulged in all kinds of sushi and great conversation. Wow! We are finally feeling like Antigua has become our home.

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Amanda Stone Talley said...

I love your blog and look forward to keep up will all of y'alls new adventures! Congratulations