Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Limited Access?

What would you all think if this blog suddenly went private? Would we lose you forever or would you have the patience to key in the password and stay loyal us? Of course, we know it would limit the amount of new readers that could find us and we'd lose our link followers from other sites, but our bigger concern is that our current readers remain happy.

It's just an idea that we've been mulling over for a while. No decisions have been made, so don't freak out yet. Everyone has their reasons for privacy, right? We do too. I wish I could explain it to you here, but that would give it away. I promise it's legit.

Anyway, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the privatization of From Colfax To Xela, so drop us a comment.....even if we've never heard from you before. Your input counts!

PS: If you're dying to know the reason behind all of this, go check out my Facebook status or send me an email.

image borrowed from Flickr.


Sean from Xela said...

Well, I haven't been reading that long, but I read through RSS on google reader. I think that would go away with a password, so I think you'd lose me... I could always come to the site every so often, but knowing my internet habits, I wouldn't.

Uncle, Aunt, cousins in IL said...

Definitely, I am a faithful reader even if it will take me an extra step...count me in.

Krista & Ben said...

Sorry Sean! We don't want to lose you or any other readers. If we go private we plan on providing our readers with the password - a silly formality for making sure only a few don't have access. Nothing has been decided yet, so don't close this book yet!

Melanie Finotti said...

I will follow your blog ..... a password isn't a big issue!!!