Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Our travel plans had included a visit to Livingston, Guatemala and Rio Dulce before returning back to Xela, but considering that both places were on the water……..we had certainly learned our lesson by now! Not quite ready to return to Xela, we decided to check out the capitol for a few days.

We love Guatemala City. Well, I love it. Ben likes it, but love is a pretty strong word. Finally I’m back in my comfort zone (at least in Zone 10). We checked into Otelito, a minimalistic Zen hotel in the Zona Viva late Monday night and set out to get a real meal (we had been surviving on hard cookies and chips all day). Applebees? It has to be good – and oh boy it was! The manager quickly spotted us (the only white people in the restaurant) and bee-lined for us. It turns out he was from New Zealand and had lived in Guatemala for most of his life……and he was dying to speak English! He was super nice to us and gave us a lot of tips for our visit in the city and even his phone number if we needed anything. Things are looking up!

Tuesday we entertained ourselves with a walking tour in Zone 1 that included Parque Concordia, Placio Nactional, Mercado Central, and the cathedral…..all while basking in the sun! In the afternoon we visited Museo Miraflores with local artifacts and indigenous textiles and Miraflores shopping mall. That evening we had dinner while watching election coverage with all the Guatemalans in the restaurant. They were just as excited as we were about Obama’s big win!

Placio Nacional

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