Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Class Travel

Another early morning, we left Copan at 5:30 am via Hedman Alas bound for La Ceiba, Honduras, where the plan was to catch a ferry to the bay island of Roatan. With only 5 passengers on board, we had our choice of seats and we quickly settled back into sleep.

After about 10 minutes we awoke to find the bus wasn’t moving. We can’t seriously be there yet? Looking out the window it didn’t take long to figure out we were stuck in the mud. No big deal, right? We’ll just back up and try it again. Um……no. That didn’t work. Uh-oh, now what? The driver addressed us about the situation saying the road had been washed out and he exited, leaving us shut in the bus.

This is no joke – for 2 hours we sat on the bus, watching out the window as pickup trucks full of people tried to get around us using some rocks thrown down by local men to gain traction. School children wandered by, people on their way to market, the police stopped to watch, for a while 2 horses and a pig found interest in the situation, even our guide from the bird park came to see the spectacle that was Hedman Alas, stuck in the middle of the only road out of town!

During the 2 hours, a crowd of at least 50 people that we could see from our window (we were still locked in the bus with no more information from the driver) had gathered. Little did these poor people know that there were only 5 people on the entire bus! Three attempts from an 18-wheeler to pull us out were unsuccessful, but finally on the 4th try, we were free! Back on our way – 2 hours behind schedule! The photos below show the progression of activity happening outside our window.

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