Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dinner & Dancing

The night before we skipped town there was a special dinner at ICA complete with entertainment! For us, it was extra special because it was our last night with a few students we have become good friends with during the past month at school. The beloved "chicas de Holanda" Rogier & Jonathan, as well as our resident photographer friend Mike, finished their studies and have left Xela for greener pastures......Mexico & Antigua!

Rogier & Jonathan....things just aren't the same without you guys!

We dined on delicious papusas (cheese filled tortillas with sauce) and were amazed by the dancing skills of a local dance troupe. Some of us (those who got volunteered!) even got to partake in the dancing.

Lucky me! I got to dance with someone who knows how to lead.....sorry Benny!

The rest of the night consisted of mingling with other students, spotting a giant rat in ICA, some adult beverages, a stop by Ojala!, conversing in Spanish with some teachers, closing down a discoteca, eating hotdogs and consuming more adult beverages in Parque Central, and returning home entirely too late to get up at 5am the following morning! Here's what it looked like.

Mathias & Mario......... Rogier & me

Mario & Shelly.......... Ben & Bryan

Marek & Petra........ Mario's moto

The Czech-O........... Ana & Jonathan

Justine & Rogier........... Jonathan & Ana

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brad said...

las chicas de hollanda left? that must be why mario's status on facebook changed to single. that kid loves the dutch girls. i don't think he was ever NOT dating one.