Thursday, November 6, 2008

There's no place like home...

Well, we're back in Xela and already settled into the swing of things! We spent the morning enjoying the sun in Parque Central (FINALLY SUN!) and doing a little studying! This afternoon Ben is in the gym and I'm at our favorite coffee shop, Cafe Baviera (it's on Calle 4, not the one near Parque Central), blogging.

We know you all are dying to hear about our trip to Honduras, but we're going to need some time! Let's just say Honduras wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but Guatemala sure was nice! I guess there's no place like home!

Stay tuned for a day-by-day update on our trip!

We missed you. Hope you missed us too!


brad said...

baviera is your favorite huh? have you guys been over to cafe la luna yet? you should go on a sunday evening--otto mora plays guitar and sings--it's so chill and he's great--i've got a cd you can burn if you like. they also have the best hot chocolate in town. it's at 8a Av 4-11. also, great wine and cheese bar just down the street from there called baja la luna. looking forward to honduras pics.

Krista & Ben Lengacher said...

We have been to La Luna the chocolate is the best around, but because they don't have wi-fi, they lose points in my book! I need to multi-task! Thanks for the tip about Sunday night - we'll definitely check it out and Baja La Luna too. Thanks for your comment, Brad.