Monday, November 3, 2008

Rock your Vote

Not that we weren´t supporters before our time here in Guatamala, but after befriending people from many different parts of the world and hearing their takes on the US government, we´ve become LOCO OBAMA SUPPORTERS! We want change. We need change. The World needs change. You can help. Vote Obama/Biden now!

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Sam said...

Hi Krista and Ben!
While I voted for Obama, I think we should be careful in placing too much stock in how the world wants us to vote for our own leaders.
I agree that our standing around the globe has been lessened over the past 8 years, and for good reason.
Hopefully President Obama raises the U.S. back to a place of leadership in the world for all the right reasons, and not simply for the sake of change or so that other countries of the world like us more!
- Sam H