Thursday, November 13, 2008

Will we ever learn?

After our disappointment in Roatan we were still desperate for some beach time so we decided to give Tela, Honduras a try. Everything we had heard and read indicated there was supposed to be a great, clean beach with kayak trips to local mangroves. Just up our alley.

We arrived late Saturday night and checked into Villas Telamar, a giant beach-like resort (again, the only place we could find without a gross humid feeling). Yuri, a really nice, young Honduran guy who had lived in the US for 15 years, walked us through the dark streets to the place where we would be staying. The complex appeared huge with tons of houses on stilts, just like a beach neighborhood in the Outerbanks.

The next morning we awoke to a little sun, so we walked down to the beach to check it out. Wow – not a soul in sight and we quickly could see why. The beach was huge with beautiful white sand, but it was disgustingly dirty with piles of raked up trash up and down the shoreline! Guess we won’t be hanging out here. We headed over to the hotel’s restaurant to have some breakfast to find ourselves as the only guests. Upon questioning the waitress we learned that there were only 4 rooms rented in the entire place! Wow.
Later that morning we strolled into town to check out the market and inquire about the kayak tours. Well, the market took about 2 minutes and we were disappointed to learn that there is a minimum of 4 people required for a kayak tour and we were the only tourists in town. Boo! At least we had spotted an internet café to check our email. While inside the café, it began to pour outside and within 15 minutes the streets were flooded with at least 8 inches of water. Great – how we’re going to get back?

After spending the afternoon catching up on movies, later that evening we ventured out another time for dinner. Pay close attention because this is the 1 positive experience we had in 4 days! Our shrimp dinners at Cesar Mariscos were fabulous….over priced…but fabulous!

With obviously nothing much happening in Tela, we decided to leave and purchased our tickets (on Hedman Alas of course) for a 12 hour ride to Guatemala City the following morning.

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