Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1,000 steps – 2 ways

On our way to Tuxtla we made a mid-morning stop at El Aguacero, an ecological reserve where you descend 1,000 steps (actually more I think) into a canyon. At the bottom there are a few waterfalls in which you can cool off in, but because the rainy season has not yet quite started, there isn’t much of a river to swim in.

more dangerous curves

Having not really slept so great at the Pemex the night before, I wasn’t so sure I was in the mood to do the hike, but of course Ben insisted. Going down wasn’t too bad, but what goes down must come up, and boy was it hot climbing back up. We both sweated right through our clothes – leaving far behind the coolness of the waterfall.

showering in the waterfall

look closely - do you see the iguana?

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