Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Once, Twice, but probably not Thrice

Back in 2006 I visited Acapulco with my girlfriends Nettie & Kelsey after studying Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico and since Ben and I are working our way down the coast, naturally we made a stop there too. A glitzy Hollywood getaway back in the 50’s, Acapulco just may have the most natural beauty of any of Mexico’s resort destinations. The perfectly curved, white sand, blue water bay is lined with hi-rise hotels that when lit up at night look like the Las Vegas strip. Having seen it’s better days, Acapulco really isn’t very popular with Americans anymore, but is definitely worth a visit if you happen to be nearby.

Acapulco Bay

During my last trip here we went on a snorkel trip with this random guy hocking things on the beach. It turns out he wasn’t so random and he in-fact is infamous on Hornitos Beach in Acapulco. King Coco is what they call him and you can pick him out by his huge hat (that has King Coco written on the front) and his mouthful of silver teeth. The snorkel trip turned out to be really fun and only $20. Ben and I just happen to be staying at the Crown Plaza, just a few hotels down from the place I stayed in a few years back, and while we were walking down the beach you’ll never guess who we came across – King Coco himself. It seems that his prices have gone up with inflation, but he’s still out there pimping massages, hair braids, dive/snorkel trips and anything else one might need to make their trip memorable (if you catch my drift). Well since I am a return customer and all, the King was willing to cut me a deal (2006 prices in this 2009 market) so we decided to spend our 1 and only full day in Acapulco with an old “friend”.

Ben looking a bit bored on the snorkel trip

Turns out though old Coco has become a thief over the years. Our “snorkel” trip ended up being full of beginning scuba divers – and when I say beginning, I mean people who paid to “scuba” but still needed to learn how to swim. So we bobbed around in the water a bit, seeing only a handful of fish and then caught a water taxi back to the marina where I promptly hunted down Coco and gave him a tongue lashing – in Spanish (that is the part I’m most proud of)!

Beware of this jerk on the beach - he's in disguise here without his usual hat!

The other most noteworthy part of Acapulco is watching the clavadistas
(cliff divers) at La Quebrada. About 10 speedo-clad young guys (the eldest is maybe 20 years old) free climb a cliff that is about 75 feet high and dive into the crashing waves below. It’s been a regular occurrence since 1934 and is breathtaking each time you see it. They must think that all the gear we wear to climb in the US is idiotic!

Sunset at La Quebrada

this is where they dive from!

La Quebrada Acapulco from Krista on Vimeo.


Horacio & Nicole said...

That is awesome, sounds like you guys are having a great trip thus far. Have you gotten sick?

aaron said...

hey guys- i'm amazed at how well you've kept your blog updated. well done!! i've been reading every post (even though i dont always comment). its so fun to follow your adventures. que Dios les guarde!

Krista & Ben said...

thanks for reading the blog. Luckily neither one of us has been real sick yet...just a few bugs.

Kelsey said...

I'm so glad you didn't get sick while in Acapulco... I hope you stayed F-A-R away from that Applebee's (even if you were craving American food)!!

I'm glad you gave King Coco a piece of your mind (in spanish, of course!!)...

I'm very envious of your adventure!

Krista & Ben said...

Funny Kelsey! I actually took a photo of that Applebee's to email to you guys, but haven't gotten around to it yet! Needless to say, we did not eat there.....and never will eat at any Applebee's ever again!