Friday, April 3, 2009

Baja California Sur

When you cross over the 28th parallel, you have arrived in Baja Sur where we quickly learned that being into Baja Sur didn’t mean we’d be seeing less cacti, just that we would be seeing a lot more beaches and more of the colonial Mexico that is present on the mainland.

Bahía Concepcíon

Playa El Requesón

Our first beach stop was at Bahía Concepcíon. We had every intention of setting up camp and staying a few days but the wind took control and we couldn’t fight it, so we packed up and moved on to Loreto where we got accosted by the local time-share guys enough to make us move on from there as well. The following day we made it to Todos Santos and once again struck gold. A quaint artist Todos Santos is best known for the “lovely place” the Eagles sing about, Hotel California. While bus loads of tourists from Los Cabos stream in and out of Hotel California, we admired it from across the street and spent the day ducking into art galleries and exploring hidden beaches.

During a morning beach walk we were blessed enough to watch a grey whale breech six or seven times out at sea. What a giant splash! I’m glad our gentle whales in San Ignacio didn’t get that excited the day we visited! Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us to get any photos, but I promise you it was really cool.

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